Federal Network publishes international e-book on COVID-19 response

CapturarFuture generations will undoubtedly remember 2020 as the year when COVID-19 hit the planet. Likewise, public and private institutions’ response to the pandemic will also have a place in history. Since the virus first arrived in Brazil, the Federal Network of Vocational, Scientific and Technological Education has been actively engaged in helping the academic community deal with all the restrictions imposed by this unprecedented health crisis.

Some of this work has now been gathered in an e-book called “Federal Network of Vocational, Scientific and Technological Education Against COVID-19”. It describes the efforts made by our 38 Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology, 2 Federal Centers of Technological Education (CEFETs), and Pedro II School, which together account for over 600 units throughout Brazil.

The publication features reports on activities developed by Federal Network teachers, administrative staff, students and volunteers to help Brazil’s fight against the new coronavirus, such as producing 70% alcohol hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment (PPE), repairing ventilators, and developing applications to monitor the advance/retreat of the pandemic.

The e-book, whose target audience is the international community, draws attention to several collaboration, innovation and science efforts implemented by the Federal Network in recent months. As explained by Jefferson Manhães de Azevedo, who coordinates the CONIF Chamber of International Relations, “CONIF shares the belief that all nations need to join efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Our key objective in publicizing Federal Network efforts against the pandemic among the international community is to stress this belief and applaud the hard work of our managers, teachers, administrative and support staff, students and researchers,” he points out.

The production was supported by members of the International Relations Advisers Forum (FORINTER), an advisory group within the International Relations Chamber, who edited and translated all the texts. The e-book features cases from all CONIF institutions. “We have been working to strengthen our links with international networks, as well as develop a closer relationship with new partners that can support the collective development of new projects and efforts in such a challenging context," adds Manhães.

The e-book can be read and downloaded on the Essentia Editora website, which also designed its cover. “We designed a cover that would enable readers to quickly identify the book's title and content. In order to stress the efforts undertaken by Federal Institutes to address the challenges imposed by COVID-19, the cover shows the coronavirus, on one side, and an image representing the network connecting all its institutions, on the other,” explains Cláudia Ferreira, executive coordinator at Essentia Editora.

Essentia is linked to the Fluminense Federal Institute’s Research and Innovation Office. Its main purpose is to support the production and dissemination of works of scientific and cultural value that focus on teaching, research and extension.

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