Acts in all the levels of vocational and technological education;
 Courses aimed to the local productive arrangements;
 Humane education and professional qualification of excellence;
 Stimulation to creativity, innovation and vision of future;
 Consistent policies for the development of applied research, innovation and training;
 High level of technological transfer applied to products and processes, by means of technological extension;
 Inclusive potential;
 Capacity of network acting;
 Allocates 50% of the vacancies to technical education in high school level;
 Minimum of 20% of the vacancies aimed to the professional formation;
 Around 30% of the vacancies are for college courses in technology, bachelors, engineering and post-graduation (masters and doctorates);
 Administrative, financial and didactic-pedagogic autonomy;
 Professional competencies certification.
SCS, quadra 2, bloco D, Edifício Oscar Niemeyer, térreo, lojas 2 e 3. CEP: 70316-900. Brasília – DF – Brazil

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