The National Council of the Federal Network of Vocational, Scientific and Technological Education Institutions (Conif) is an instance of discussion, proposition and promotion of development policies in the vocational and technological education, research and innovation. It acts on the debate and defense of free public education of excellence.

Some of Conif’s objectives are the valuation, strengthening and the consolidation of 41 congregated institutions – 38 Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology, 2 Federal Centers of Technological Education (Cefets) and Pedro II School -that together, count more than 600 units all over Brazil.

Responsible for providing support and orientation to the network, Conif works continuously to improve the infrastructure and working conditions of the employees. It also promotes strategical actions to strengthen the institutions internationalization by moving towards closer relations with other countries and consolidating technical cooperation.

Conif develops studies and projects through events as congresses, conferences, seminars and meetings. It also encourages the exchange of information and experiences in the Federal Network as well as with education, research and extension institutions, cultural, scientific and technological entities, both national and foreign. Furthermore, Conif executes articulations with several public organizations and the civil society.


To strengthen the institutions of the Federal Network, through its articulation and political representation, for the benefit of free public vocational, scientific and technological education, and of socially referenced quality.

To be recognized nationally and internationally as an articulator of innovative, inclusive, vocational, scientific and technological education.

Union, democratic management, sustainability, equity, transparency, ethics and solidarity.


Organizational structure


Background – Created in March 2009, after the publication of law 11.892/2008 - that creates the Federal Network of Vocational and Technological Education – Conif was consolidated from the extinction of the Federal Centers of Technological Education Board of Directors (Concefet), created in 1999, substituting the Board of Directors of the Federal Technical Schools (Conditec).

SCS, quadra 2, bloco D, Edifício Oscar Niemeyer, térreo, lojas 2 e 3. CEP: 70316-900. Brasília – DF – Brazil

       ​Secretariat Executive
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       ​​Social Communication and Events Advisory
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       ​​​International Relations Advisory
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