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Given the new context of Brazilian public education and the emphasis of the processes of globalization and regional integration, Conif has taken a leading position on the international scene in the vocational and technological training as a member of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) since 2012. Alongside 42 institutions from different countries, Conif takes actions that highlight Brazil, and operates in the strategic position of interlocutor to attract new members in Latin America.

About WFCP

The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) is an international network of colleges and national and regional associations of colleges, which currently 38 member countries share leading-edge education strategies and best practices to increase employability. Highlighting the global economy and the improvement of workforce, WFCP is a unified voice that allows its members to:

- Promote their contributions to their communities;
- Influence collectively the development of policy;
- Access information and experience and learn from each other;
- Share best practice;
- Join WFCP online community;
- Promote partnerships to improve staff and student mobility;
- Develop partnerships to deliver international contracts;
- Organize World Congresses to enable knowledge exchange.

WFCP World Congress

Every two years, the World Congress is held in one of the WFCP member countries. In 2016, the international event, which attracts professional education specialists from all continents, was held in Brazil, Vitória (ES), organized by Conif and the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo (Ifes).

At the end of each congress, the countries represented in the WFCP sign a document (Declaration) containing a list of commitments. Conif has signed the commitment declaration since 2014. 

Beijing Declaration – 2014

Vitória Declaration – 2016

Best Practices Guide in Professional and Technical Education

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